The Casual Look Of Timber Jewellery

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Timber Jewellery offers a primitive or casual appearance to your look. The material can be easily carved and shaped by hand or machine. Since timber is from a renewable material source, this "green" medium is ecologically and environmentally safe. It adapts well to many surface finishes. It can be painted, stained or left in it's natural finish with only an occasional dip in oil and buffed. Due to the softness of timber, great care should be given to avoid breakage or even accidents from exposure to flames.

Many cultures have long histories with the use of Timber in their artifacts, but Timber Jewellery has not survived well down the ages due to its durability. To care for it properly will require limited exposure to moisture as most finishes to the wood will show wear, rapidly loosing it's luster with exposure to moisture or jewellery cleaner. It is advisable to take it off before swimming, bathing, or housework as not all pieces are protected against water. Since Timber is soft the texture will be easily changed, so be careful of nicks and dents. Remember that timber will burn, therefore it is not advisable to wear loose necklaces or bracelets while cooking or at campfires as it could produce very dangerous results.

The style or look of dress achieved with Timber Jewellery is casual but could be dressed up if mixed with precious stones, silver, or more ornate fabrics. The designs achieved with mixing or wearing it by itself can be very stunning. It is not necessarily heavy so therefore can be used in large pieces with effective results.

The cost of materials to make Timber Jewellery is one of the least expensive and easily changable mediums. Timber materials are used to explore designs and color theory in jewellery making before investing in more costly materials as precious metals and stones. The ability to easily change the structure of a wooden piece makes is a effect medium for designing.
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The Casual Look Of Timber Jewellery

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This article was published on 2010/10/08