Psychological Benefits of Jewellery

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It is a universal truth that almost all women love to shop. And receive presents. From clothes to diamond jewellery, buying or receiving a beautiful new item can be sure to elevate women's – and many men's for that matter – moods.

People wear jewellery for a number of reasons, from religious beliefs to wanting a symbol of their status or wealth. But there is more to the reason why wearing jewellery gives people a boost than the simple attractiveness of such items. Despite the fact that some people may wear such things to show off their beliefs or because they think it will bring health benefits, most people wear it as a pleasure thing, enjoying the fact that they have such a nice thing to present to the world.

Then there is the aesthetic alteration that such things can bring – hiding scars or unsightly blemishes, or even simply changing the perception of someone's shape or figure. However, psychologically, jewellery can also build its own history, and people will use it psychologically even if they don't realise it, often associating them with a person or an event in their past. These items will then often get passed to other family members to build an even bigger history. Effectively, some such items can become part of the family, and in turn bring an extra feeling of happiness or security.

That is not to detract from just how happy something pretty can make people feel, but just adds an extra depth that many people don't consciously perceive. There is also often a lot of symbolism involved, especially with diamond jewellery. Diamonds may look nice, but they also symbolise strength and something that is perfect and long lasting.

So next time you buy a nice ring or pendant, you can feel even better about just how many psychological benefits it can bring.

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Psychological Benefits of Jewellery

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This article was published on 2011/01/11