Jewellery For the Baby Boomer Generation

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When we were young we loved wearing long strings of colourful beads, 'OM' and Peace symbol medallions, even hippy bells! And scarves - lots of scarves.

But now, as we have grown older, wiser and more sophisticated, we prefer more elegant jewellery styles. And over the years our jewellery collections have grown, including those special gold and silver pieces that were gifts from loved ones, or bought on that special vacation...

The danger is that we can so easily slip into wearing the same old thing, regardless of the outfit. So many women wear their gold chains, or their birthstones, or the necklace given to them for their silver wedding anniversary, finding it as comfortable and easy to wear as their wedding rings.

But we are still unique! We are still individuals! And while we find we can no longer understand the styles favoured by the young (slouchy jeans that show our knickers? Pierced eyebrows and tongues? Not for us!), we can express ourselves in the jewellery we choose to wear.

Designer jewellery usually comes with a designer price tag and definitely belongs in the category of 'special occasion'. But these days there are many jewellery designers creating beautiful pieces from semi-precious stones - and some very unusual stones and beautiful stones too, such as kyanite, prehnite, celestite - which they sell on the internet at very affordable prices.

I know, because I am such a designer. I love working with these stones and I take my inspiration from the coastlines and countryside around me. I love wearing the pieces I make too as suddenly a simple outfit becomes something stylish, just with the addition of a necklace made from warm orange carnelian, or buttery yellow jade, inky blue iolite or piano-black agate or a chunky bracelet that flashes as I move and causes me delight, rather than despair, as I look at my arm!

I used to wear lots of silk scarves - I have them in every colour to match most of the clothes in my wardrobe. I found they hid a multitude of sins - my neckline is no longer as defined as it was, and my bust has become rather matronly. But that area between the base of the neck and the bust - it was crying out for a beautiful piece of jewellery. Now people admire the necklaces I wear - and no-one notices my wrinkly neck!

Jewellery made from semi-precious stones needn't cost a fortune and it brings such joy it would be lovely to see more women of the baby boomer generation rediscovering their individuality and once again treating themselves to a lovely necklace or bracelet that will help them reconnect with the free spirits we all once thought we were!

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Jewellery For the Baby Boomer Generation

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This article was published on 2010/03/27